Moondust Production

About the company

Moondust Production is a Film Production Company as well as a Service and Location Company based in Morocco, that provides film services for foreign productions to facilitate their shooting. (Feature Films, Tv series, Tv Commercials, Documentaries, and Photoshoot).

Moondust Production has all the local licenses and agreements needed to operate in Morocco and we have the local industry knowledge and a solid networking and logistical support here in Morocco to be a reliable local executive in charge of production for movies/tv series that need to be shot in Morocco.

Our production company is dedicated to meeting the needs of any size and type of production and we take a great pride in supporting foreign productions with their needs.

We are committed to making sure that our services run smoothly and that we can add value whenever possible, we understand the nature of this business and while you are working with us.

Our service extends to the needs of your production, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moondust Production intention is to offer any filmmaker who wants to use Morocco either as a base for their entire production, or as a partial location of their shooting; with the very best and most cost effective production service available.

We are reliable, responsive, flexible and professional to turn your concept and screenplay real, our dedicated team of experts can provide you with immediate solution and problem solving as well as necessary assistance you might need during your time with us.

The services we offer are extensive and are all professionally managed from concept to shooting to final delivery. Working efficiently is our first and main priority. Moondust Production services includes but not limited to: Budgeting, location scouting, permits, equipment rental, casting, local crewing, travel and accommodation.

Nassim Abassi

Managing Director

Nassim Abassi holds both British and Moroccan Citizenship and attended Film School at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in the UK in 1997. He has Produced and Directed several feature films in Morocco which were well received in the International film festival circuit.

After the announcement in March 2016 of the new changes in Moroccan financial law concerning foreign film shoots in Morocco, Nassim Abassi decided to expand MOONDUST PRODUCTION activities to offer high quality film services to foreign shoots in Morocco.