Art Department

Moondust Production assures the hiring of the most talented and creative art department professionals with broad experience working on diverse projects with challenging requirements. .

Art department crew has the requisite skills and competence to perform jobs from the design stage of the project to the finished sets, including props buying, construction, carpentry, painting, set dressing… Animals: camels, horses, gazelles, snakes… Moondust Production animal wranglers and stunt coordinators have experience and practice in safely and consistently handling all types of animals. Action vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, sailboats power boats, airplanes, helicopters. 

All vehicles can be painted and altered to conform to the project requirements, and rented at competitive rates. Military props, vehicles, helicopters, and weapons can be provided from the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces through official procedures which Moondust Production conducts on behalf of the foreign production company. and discounts from most of hotels in the country.