From the director of the critically acclaimed MAJID, comes a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

We follow the life of Yussra, a spirited young woman living in Mohammedia, Morocco. As expectations of Yussra finding a nice husband mount, she seems to find the perfect match, but the seemingly perfect Tariq hides a shady past which Yussra and her family are unwittingly caught up in.


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“BILA HOUDOUD” (WITHOUT LIMITS)  was the most watched film on Moroccan television when it was broadcast on national television in June 2008.  It has been screened many times again on National Television since its first airing.  In 2014, the film was shown at a special screening at theCoronet Cinema in London.


The film stars Alia, Abderrahim Tounsi, Abdellah Amrani, Fehd Benchemsi, Chicha Abdellah, Jamila El Houni, Aziz Dadas, Jamal Lababsi

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More than 1.7 Million views on youtube! Although it was screened many times on National Television, Moroccan movie “Bila Houdoud” is still very popular to this day and managed to reach 1 Million views in a very short time when it was first published on youtube in 2017. The screenplay for a sequel “Bila Houdoud II” is ready and there is also plans for a TV series based on the characters of the film.   You can watch here the full movie with English subtitles. 

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