“Majid” is Nassim Abassi’s this third film as Producer Screenwriter and Film director.  Its World Premiere  was held at the Dubai International Film Festival.

The main character, a ten-year-old Moroccan orphan named Majid, has recently moved to Mohammedia with his brother. His brother is an appealing and careless drunk. Majid makes very little money on the streets selling books, and lives a very simple and disheartening life. From the start of the film, Majid is having reoccurring nightmares and soon realizes that he cannot remember his deceased parents’ (who had died in a fire) faces anymore. 

He also realizes that he has no photographs of his parents, except for a ruined family photograph, in which his parents’ heads are burnt away from the photo due to the fire. He meets a new street-smart friend named Larbi, who helps him on the journey to find a photograph of his parents. This search leads them to the big city of Casablanca where they come face to face with many dangerous events and become part of a moving adventure.

“Majid” enjoyed public and critical acclaim in Morocco when it was released in 2011 and took part in more than 30 world film festivals and won over 10 international prizes since it’s release.

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