Most frequent questions and answers

If we have all the information we need, we will send you our Budget Estimate in one week maximum or less.

You need to send us the script of your feature film as well  as  your detailed production schedule, which should include all you main needs for the shoot,  for example how many days for local talents and extras, locations, etc…. We will then send you our detailed budget estimate which can include catering, crew, hotel and anything else you want us to add in your budget estimate.

To submit a shooting permit application to the CCM (Moroccan Cinematographic Center) for your feature film, we will need an accreditation letter from you which states that we are the Moroccan Film Production company which will execute your production over here.

We will need also a synopsis and the full script of the feature film both  translated to either French or Arabic. English is not accepted by the reading committee of the CCM.

The maximum is 11 hours which includes 1 hour break.